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Equine Services

Preventative Medicine
Yearly examination
Patient-centered vaccination and parasite control
Coggins/Health Certificates
Lameness- diagnostic and therapeutic
Internal medicine
Reproductive Medicine
Emergency Services
Pre-purchase exam
Spinal manipulations

Small Ruminant Services


Management consultation
Hoof trimming
Pregnancy diagnosis
Fecal analysis/deworming
Emergency Services



Acupuncture and herbology have been used to improve the health of animals for thousands of years. It is extremely effective for treating chronic disease and pain. Dr. Kurtz has seen an improved outcome in many of her cases, especially in lameness cases and geriatric care.

Acupuncture and herbology are useful in managing:

Cushing’s disease
Metabolic syndrome
Geriatric medicine
Anhidrosis (non-sweating)
Behavioral issues
Chronic Disease

Equine Veterinary Medical Manipulations

Spinal manipulations are used to restore range of motion and therefore decrease pain, improve flexibility and general performance. The following is a short list of conditions that may be improved by spinal manipulations:
  • Generalize poor or weak performance
  • Difficulty with collecting or lateral bend
  • Girthiness
  • Dropping out behind
  • Dragging toes
  • Change in jumping or landing pattern
  • Change in behavior or attitude
  • Muscle atrophy or poor muscle development

Diagnostic Services


Lactate, Serum Amyloid A (SAA), Foal lgG, X-Ray, Ultrasound


Dr. Kurtz is a kind and compassionate veterinarian. Her first concern is the welfare of the pet. She has excellent communication skills and makes veterinary care and procedures understandable. She donates hours of time to the Animal Shelter, without her we would not be able to function. 

Roxanne H

Director, Edgewater Animal Shelter

Dr. Kurtz has treated my dog for injuries and is thorough and wonderful with problem animals. I appreciate her care and concern as well as her medical knowledge. 

Calli H.


Dr. Kurtz comes to my location to treat my horses both preventative care and for illnesses. She has given my horse acupuncture and it has worked wonders on her as she is getting older. 

Terri P.

Horse Owner